Water damaged iPhone or iPod touch? Check if Apple will fix it.

Apple will not swap or repair a water damaged iPhone / iPod touch even if it’s still in warranty.  As with most handheld devices, the iPhone has a built-in water damage detector (Blackberry has it next to the battery). It’s not a very technologically advanced detector but it does the job.

If you need to check your iPhone or iPod touch water damage indicator follow these instructions:

Remove the headphones from the device

Use a light and look directly down the headphone  socket

At the base of the socket is a water detector (it’s just plastic or paper that changes colour)

RED means water damaged

WHITE is no water detected

(The iPhone 3G and 3GS have an additional detector located at the bottom of the case near the screws)

If it’s white then take it back to apple and get it swapped out (Don’t tell them it got wet)

If it’s red then forget taking it to Apple. (I wonder if you could open the iPhone / iPod Touch and change the red detector for a white piece of paper?  If anyone manages to succeed let me know!

You can try and remove the water from it by putting the iPhone in a sealed bag with some uncooked rice. The rice will absorb the moisture over some time if you leave the iPhone in the bag and in a warm place.


4 thoughts on “Water damaged iPhone or iPod touch? Check if Apple will fix it.

  1. I’ve had my phone rejected by apple because of water damage.
    I have just recently watched a program of watchdog and they have said that the two indicators on the outside of the phone can be set of by, condensation, sweat, or a drop of rain.

    It has also been proven that apple phones have two water indicators on the inside of the phone which tells if water has been inside the phone. Most of the time apple don’t even bother to look at thease two indicators inside of the phone.

    This issue has been found out in the US and people have actually sued apple becase of this.

    I am 15 years old and am furious that apple are doing this. Unfortunetly, now my warenty of about a year over due and I can’t do anything about this issue with my apple phone. But, if any of you are still in warenty it’s not to late! Bring up this issue to the company about proving that the phone actually has water damage, by getting them to show you that the two indicators inside of the phone are red.

    I wouldn’t take your phone apart yourself though, because you might cause more damage to it! Hope everyone gets on well, an uses this informaion to their advantage.

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