This is why I am leaving my ISP PlusNet ! 187Kbps from a 7000Kbps line, what a joke.

After seeing my web experience grinding to a halt I called Plusnet to ask what the problem was. They assured me that there was no problem and I could use to check the speed.

Using BT’s own speed checker my ADSL line got the following result, I responded to my fault ticket and after waiting days for them to get back to me i realised  it’s time to move to a faster ISP.

I have been with Plusnet (formally known as Force9) for years, but the problems all started when they introduced “Traffic Shaping“. This is supposed to slow down Bit Torrent and other file sharing activities and allow their network to function. Also Plusnet have grown from a small ISP to one of the UK’s biggest and always advertise on TV (The weather update after the news in London).

I can only assume that because Plusnet/BT subscriber base now exceeds 4.7 million they are now too big and don’t have enough bandwidth, meaning people like me now suffer with very slow connections.

I would rather pay a little extra and have a smaller ISP that can supply the unfiltered, non-packet shaped connection at a reasonable speed. After checking I have found a small ISP called that seem to offer some great unfiltered packages with a good download limit.

Thought about registering but too late, it’s gone already 😉

Plusnet Download Speed


One thought on “This is why I am leaving my ISP PlusNet ! 187Kbps from a 7000Kbps line, what a joke.

  1. An unfortunate day to post this for, seeing as they appear to be down at the moment.

    I can’t access their website or DNS servers. Luckily I know a few public DNS servers by heart – but I imagine that there are a LOT of people without internet wondering what’s going on right now.

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