New twist to unlocked iPhone wifi problems, It’s Apple fault!

After all the excitement of the 3rd November release of “Blacksn0w”  by Geohot,  some iPhone unlockers reported that they were having problems with Wifi after using the unlock.

A workaround was found but that involved resetting the wireless settings on the device. Geohot tried to find the problem but could not replicate the fault on any of his test iPhones.

After a few days he began to suspect that it was actually Apples own 3.1.2 firmware that was causing the wifi issues and not his Blacksn0w unlock app.

Taking a swipe a Apple Geohot tweeted  “Apple, will you give me 10k if I fix your wifi bug?”  hinting that they can’t fix their own firmware.

I presume the $10k amount was chosen as that was the amount a UK based iPhone scammer called Jody Sanders had offered Geohot.  This was a sad attempt at publicity for Jody trying to get the new baseband unlocked and sell the software on his scam site.  (Geohot refused the offer of the money and released Blacksn0w for free).

Jody’s website now says the found the unlock himself (on exactly the same day as the Blacksn0w release) and awarded himself the £10k !


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