Problems with the iPhone

On Friday the 9th at 6.02pm, I “fell hook line and sinker” for the Apple iPhone hype and bought a “Jesus phone”, but after using it for a few hours I have found some disappointing problems with this £269 gadget.

  • Copying music to the iPhone: Unlike the iPod, you can’t manually sync your music from iTunes to the iPhone. You must create a playlist and then sync the iPhone, why is that? It’s driving me crazy UPDATE: It seems that Flash memory based iPods always copy the music this way. Still weird..
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth seems only work with Headsets. You can’t connect to another phone or computer.
  • Ringtones: You can’t use any of your mp3’s that you already own to use as a ringtone. You must buy ringtones from Apple. UPDATE: From version 1.1.2  Firmware and iTunes 7.5 you can rename your music and it can be used as a ringtone. More info here

  • Ringtone volume: All the ringtone’s that are pre-loaded are not loud enough. UPDATE: Try a custom ringtone that’s louder


  • Camera: Why no video or flash?

UPDATE:  The new iPhone 3GS has video, but still no flash


One thought on “Problems with the iPhone

  1. In order to use song already on your computer you have to convert the song to apple ringtone format first. then change the filename extension

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