A German Energy Drink with a very wrong name.

Black Bastard

While surfing the InterTubes I founds this. Yes, an Energy Drink has been launched in Germany called “Black Bastard”. It’s no joke it’s very real.
At first I thought the German’s might not know what the word Bastard means, then I found out that it’s exactly the same meaning and spelling in German!

So now I just can’t understand how they are able to sell a drink with that name.I started to think about situations like being in a club and asking a black barman for a “Black Bastard” or being that black barman and having to wear that promotional T-Shirt while working behind the bar!

Anyway check out the site for yourself. Blackbastard Energy Drink

UPDATE: Seems like the website is offline, I wonder if they have been shut down?


5 thoughts on “A German Energy Drink with a very wrong name.

  1. hehehehe very good, maybe soon there will be a drink name that has something to do with jews…or is that taking it a bit too far?

  2. Hi,

    I have noticed this drink at a promotion in my local supermarket (EDEKA). I have already complained about the name to the supermarket chain and the manufacturer. I was just as disgusted as you are but to be fair in Germany very few people will make the connection between a black (or coloured person – or what is politically correct?) person when they hear the product name. Nevertheless it is still outrageous and does not fit at all into the German culture of the last 50 years where we have tried to be as politically correct as posssible. I will write to the supermarket chain again as I have not heard from then. I can only ask as many people as possible to do the same.

    Best regards

    Michael (Germany)

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