London Underground Map in German

A few months ago somebody sent me this London Underground Map in German, apart from the fact that it’s in German the author has gone to some great lengths to find out exactly what the name means, then translate it to German.

For example, Rotherhithe on the East London Line (The Orange line), i thought would be impossible to translate. So i checked what Rotherhithe could mean, I found that it’s old English for meaning “A place to land cattle from a ship”.

As Rotherhithe is directly on the banks of the river Thames this makes perfect sense. The German Underground map shows Rotherhithe replaced with the name “Viehplatz”. Vieh meaning cattle/livestock and platz meaning place, this way of translating station names seems to be used throughout the map when a direct translation can’t be found.

Waterloo or “Wasserklo” is great, Water is Wasser and the slang word for loo (toilet) is klo.As I am learning German (for 3 years now) it seemed quite impressive that someone has taken the time to not only translate the names but research what the names mean.

Click on the map below to see the full screen map.



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