Don’t take photos in the London Underground

When making my way through Bank Station in London on the way to work I happened to see one of there new LCD Infoscreens. Only this time it was not showing info for the underground, but BIOS information. I found this amusing as it’s taking nearly over a year to fix an escalator. This screen has been running for a few weeks and it’s broken down, let’s see how long it takes to fix that.

Anyway, my colleague who i was walking with pulled out his camera and using no flash took a quick picture.

Being quite happy with our quick snap we preceded to walk away and on our way to work. But then we heard a voice asking us what we were doing. We were then stopped by a London Underground worker and told it was illegal to take photos anywhere in the Underground, and the reason, copyright.

Yes that’s right, the Underground is copyrighted and you need to ask permission to take any pictures. That has to be one of the most stupid things i have ever heard in my whole life. How the hell can LU say that we can’t take pictures when they video us every day on the CCTV system. I could say that I am copyrighted, i don’t want them filming me, but i have no choice.

I have seen signs on some of the tube platforms saying “No Flash Photography” I assumed this was because the flash could temporarily blind the tube train driver and cause an accident. But that’s only a guess.

London Underground InfoBoard


3 thoughts on “Don’t take photos in the London Underground

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  2. I used to think it was just flash photography and tripods that were banned, not any pictures what so ever.

    I’ve had a ‘discussion’ with a tube official before about this, and they sighted the revenue they get from licensing LU property for films, adverts and other other things, amount to quite a lot and helps tickets cost a little bit less than they could.

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